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1. Site Introduction

We are Security and Self Defence, a platform where you can buy weapon for your protection and defence. We have provided different types of weapon, you can buy Pistols and Guns for your defence. Security and Self Defence is an online hub where you can find any type of weapon. We are also providing 50% discount for new users, you can also get more discounts and free delivery. We are providing weapons for only self defence, you can buy different types of weapons like Blank Guns, Pellet & BBC Guns, Self Defence, Archery, Hunting Rifles and much more. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you. Security and Self Defence, we’re able to offer low prices with no middleman fees – our goal is to save your time and money.
If you want to buy tactical items like knives, Gloves, Bags, Eyewear, Headwear, kids wears Belt, Vest and much more. Security and Self Defence is an online store where you can find any type of weapon for point defence or group defence. We provide different types of Pistols, Rifles and Guns. It depends on you that which weapon you like and want to buy for your self defence.
Security and Self Defence website is an online hub where you can find any type of weapon. We also provide courier service for delivering the selected item at low price or free of cost, it depends on your package and cart. Our online store site (https://shootblanks.co.za/) has providing many online weapons details which you can accessed through All Products Tab in the Main Menu Bar. Security and Self Defence can be accessed by the provided Link https://shootblanks.co.za/. Security and Self Defence site is registered at https://www.1api.net/ since July, 2021.

2. Why I have decided to launch this site

Many people needed online digital services at one places but they could not found all categorized services at one place, therefore, I decided to launch Security and Self Defence where you can find any type of weapons for your defence. We are also providing tactical item like knives, bags, head wear and much more for the protection. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with the best service possible.
You could not find any adult content on our website. We aim to minimize bias and be as objective as humanly possible in our contents. At the same time, we strive to help provide information you need to decide while you are independently working. We additionally require showing off the best products for our viewers, and maybe show off a few things people haven’t even heard.

3. Available Services on my Site

Security and Self Defence is big stop where you can find any type of weapon services. As a leading provider of services, we offer weapons and tactical items buy/sell, and more. We have the widest range of options to help with your needs ranging from finding a your related weapons. If you want to contact us to provide us any special guidelines or want to make any request, then please use our CONTACT US page.

4. Error Free Site

We have our stumbles plus drops with errors, but we have provided those errors to help us set our craft, and put methods in place to create procedures, measures, and procedures that we practice to ensure we obtain the best decisions. 

If you want to participate in our efforts, then Register to our site. We will send your login details to your provided email. After log in to our Security and Self Defence site, share your ideas with the online services. But remember it should be no adult content because we make sure we keep it clean (No Sexual Videos and Excessive Cursing). Show us only your funny movements. 

5. Share Us

Over time, the Security and Self Defence website will grow to cover every platform, with a sweet spot for views of life to the viewers on a daily basis for your experiences and safeties. We request you that please share us with your friend and family so that the maximum can achieve the benefits from our efforts. There are no limits for commenting on our articles; you can discuss with your friends and share our articles as much as you can do.

6. Topics of our Site

As you know, the main topic of our site is “Weapon selling”. We also cover the sub-topics like selling Guns, Pistols, Blank Guns and much more.  Security and Self Defence is a platform and is an excellent opportunity for the persons who want to get urgent delivery of their selected weapon with the safe delivery. Everyone is welcome to join the Security and Self Defence family for gaining the benefits from the other’s experience.

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