Shipping Policy
Our priority is the client’s satisfaction; We try our best to ship items as fast as our limitation permits. For preparing ready to deliver your Items or its Packing, We always give instant delivery though our agent, your order will be delivered at your home within 3 to 5 days in the city and 10 days for International Order.

  1. Shipping Methods 
    Security and Self Defence offers the following shipping options, which may vary by item and location:

a). Standard Shipping: 
Shipping within 3 days after orders is placed:
Standard Shipping is typically the default checkout setting by our delivery carrier. Your items are expected to be delivered within 03 days after the items have been picked up by the delivery carrier. 
No Refunds after 24 hours
Our delivery carrier will deliver the package at your home
If your order has more than one items then your order may ship in multiple packages so that we can deliver your order with the best faster option.
b). Discount on Shipping:
Every new user can get 50% discount on his/her first purchase. You can also get discount on shipping, free of cost shipping, if your order meats free shipping criteria. Discounts are available on the following orders.
First order of every user
More than R5,000.00 Purchase made
Multiple orders
Discount Coupons
The discount will be displayed and applied at checkout. Discount may not be applied to previous orders. Ineligible carts will not be shown an option to consolidate and will not receive the discount. Discount will be applied with the provided coupons.

  1. Sales Tax
    You agree that you are responsible for any duty, taxes, and customs requirements or other like taxes, fees, levies, costs or expenses associated with importing products you purchase and shipping them internationally. 
  2. Payment Methods
    We accept the following forms of payment: 
    Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) 
    Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard) 
    Paypal Credit 
    Bank Transfer 
    If you pay by credit card or debit card, we will receive temporary authorization to charge your card once you have completed the payment process. We will charge you when we ship your order or when the temporary authorization ends, whichever comes first.
    If a PayPal dispute occurs before shipment, the order will be held because PayPal will withhold payment under such circumstances. Please settle the dispute to proceed with the order. 
  3. Wrong Address
    If there is happened you have miss-spelled or auto-filled in an incorrect address, and you have notified it within one hour then email us on, we will correct your address, but if you told us after the one day, then there will be a risk to deliver it on the wrong address. 
    If you have any queries or want to get more information about our Shipping Policy, you will be most welcome and can email us on the provided email address: