Blank Guns

NO LICENCE REQUIRED. Works Like a Gun, Sounds like a Gun & License free. Louder then a firearm by 2db – 12db. 9mm Blank Cartridges are for warning shots or to draw attention in a crisis of self defence. 9mm Pepper Cartridges are a last resort if the warning blank shot did not help and you need to incapacitate a attacker in self defence. The Pepper cartridge is most effective within 6m of the muzzle, the cartridge just like a blank emits a muzzle flash clearly visible in any light conditions. Blank Cartridges should allows be loaded last so they are shot first as you cannot fire the pepper cartridge in your car or home to deter or defend yourself against a intruder or perpetrator. Firing the blanks first will in most cases solve your problem without the need for pepper.

YES all blank/pepper pistols in SA are front firing!

And YES again for all are semi automatic else it would not function!

And NO, if it fired a projectile in any shape or form it would be classified as a firerarm and you would need a competancy and licence, luckily that is not the case so no need to worry.

And NO, there is no such thing as a carry permit!

Ammunition/cartridges are for use in devices exempted in terms of section 5 of the firearms control act, act no. 60 of 2000regulation 102(4) and 103(4)

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