RETAY Pt 26 Full Auto Blank Gun – Black


15 Shot 9mmBlank / Pepper Pistol
Semi and Fully Automatic
Single Action Trigger
Key Lock Safety
Length – 180mm
Height – 135mm
Weight – 795gr

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RETAY Pt 26 Full Auto Blank Gun – Black


The RETAY Pt 26 Full Auto Blank Gun – Black is like a real gun. RETAY PT 26 mimics a real firearm with spark and smoke. In the film and movie business, a blank gun is not harmful or dangerous; it’s safe and is utilized all over the world. It’s also used as self-defense.

RETAY Pt 26 Full Auto Blank Gun Ammunition


The ammunition you get is blanks or pepper.  Only to be used in self-defense. They are legal to be carried and no license is required. The weapon RETAY Pt 26 Full Auto Blank Gun – Black has an angle piece in the barrel hence no projectile can be fired out of the barrel.

Why we Needed?


In South Africa, crime is one of the most prevalent problems. Crime has been a driving force behind half of our country’s emigrants. Shoot Blank Gun weapons Store is designed on the premise that alternative types of self-defense weapons can help to put the power back into the hands of would-be victims. Customers would be able to defend themselves using Tactical Defense Store’s non-lethal pepper projecting handgun products. We are the professional tactical defense shop for you.

Why Blank Gun?


In any scenario, functioning weapons are preferable; this ensures that someone wanting to learn about shooting weapons may do so with a blank gun for target practice and training. An item like this can be quite useful in a variety of situations. Military and police training sometimes utilize blank guns instead of real ones to educate their personnel and soldiers in combat.



Blank weapons’ mechanism is fascinating. It functions in the same way that a real weapon does. However, because it contains a blank cartridge, it cannot shoot a bullet. Cartridges specifically designed for the blank pistol are created by producers. These are the ideal choice for sound and fire stimulation.

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